Thank you for joining PTI+ we are excited you are here.

Having us handle your social media presence is going to be an excellent experience. There are some things we need to go over before we begin.

We will chat about your vision for your brand and your brand voice.  Are you funny?  Casual?  Sarcastic?  Formal?  These are things we need to know when we speak for you. 

We will also send you some grid proofs; this means an image of what your Instagram feed will look like once the month’s posts we make are all posted.  Once you approve this, we are on to the next step!

Please send us your Instagram login information, and add us as an admin on your Facebook page. 

Some important things to note:

We will be posting on your behalf, but you will still be able to access your account and use it, as usual, to reply to comments and DM’s. 

We ask that you do not post on your Instagram feed while you are on contract with us. We work hard to make your grid look smooth! 

If you have extra content, you wish to post, send it to us, or post it in a story.  You can post as much as you want to Facebook. 

Enjoy the freedom of knowing your posts are in good hands!  If you see something you are not sure of, send us a quick email, and we will look at it together.