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Got questions?
We have answers!


Who do we work with?

At PTI+ we work with clients all across Canada

Looking for an agency that has your back?  We are here to make it happen, no matter where in Canada you work.

We have experience in hundreds of industries!

Let us tell you about others in your industry that we have helped soar. 

Solo or in a group, we got it.

We have experience with Individuals, Small Businesses, Big Businesses, and groups like Brokerages or Teams. 

What about design work?

How long will it take to get my design done?

We can make it happen quick, just reply to your proof emails! Duh

But for real, it really depends on the project. But if you’re working within a timeline, we can normally meet those needs without a problem.

How long does it take to get a proof?

A timeline will always be given to you with your quote.

Can you fix what I made in Canva?

Most times the answer is YES, but a lot of times we’ll need to recreate in our “professional” software…so just save your time and do it right from the start.

How about the other stuff?

How much will it cost?

$20,000! Just Kidding
Please submit a quote request and we’ll always get back to you – super fast.
All of our projects are individually priced using a few different variables.

Can you work within my budget?

We can’t sell you champagne for the price of beer…i’m sorry, but we’ll always get you the best option for your specified budget.

Do you print in house?

We do not…but we have many many shops across Canada and the USA that we work closely with to make sure we’re getting the best quality for the best price…which we pass along to you!

Can you give me a discount?

We like to say, you can have 2 of the following 3 items…Good, Cheap and Fast…but you can’t have all 3.

If you want good and cheap…it won’t be fast.

If you want cheap and fast…it won’t be good.

If you want good and fast…it won’t be cheap.

We employee a team of full-time professionals to ensure we’re always available, focused and ready to give prompt and professional service. Our margins are most of the time razor thin and prices are mostly already discounted…

Our Rock-Solid
Satisfaction Guarantee

When you work with us at PTI+, you can invest with confidence because you’ll always be covered by our satisfaction guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event we don’t fulfill our promise, we will recreate, re-work, or reprint and if those don’t succeed, we’ll refund your money.