Every little bit helps.

We wanted to come up with a creative way to raise money for a good cause, so we decided to create some products to send out the message and let your friends that “I Stayed Home”. All proceeds from sales will be donated to purchase meals for seniors stuck at home and frontline workers.* 

*100% of proceeds from buttons and stickers will be donated. Profits from signs will be donated.

Wear it like a hero...

Social distancing is easier when we just Stay Home. Our buttons are designed to be worn and shown with pride that you did your part and stayed home to reduce the spread of COVID-19. And it’s for a good cause too!

Stick to your beliefs...

Our stickers are meant to be fun and made to place on your phone, laptop, or anything you want.

A sign that you care...

Let your neighbours know that you’re doing your part to stop the spread. Our signs are weather resistant and come with a step stake you can put in the ground.

Thank you to our sponsors: